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Born from the passion for the world of electronic music and an alwaysrenewed will to create, Outsiders Agency leaves its mark on the musical landscape as an innovative project shaped for international standards.

Composed of several European teams from different countries (France, Italy, Germany and Spain), it puts together all the lines of work that are typically found in the music industry: musicians, promoters, technicians, graphic designers, video jockeys and communication managers.

The identity of Outsiders Agency is based on the crossing of genres, career paths and experiences acquired by each of its partners, in order to encourage a dynamic and coherent development of its concept, while aiming at an international influence.

The fundamental concept behind the Outsiders Agency project is the promotion of electronic music and their actors by means of events and productions. Entertainment, technical feats and performances are the key words to define the agency’s conceptual way of thinking.

The final objective is the creation of an international professional network managing the actors agreeing with the project’s vision and conception.

It is the same with the artists invited to the events; they are offered the possibility to become regular partners for future projects. At present, the countries that are mainly concerned are France, Spain, Italy and Germany.


In an effort to achieve its goal of an expansion at an international level, Outsiders Agency created the MIDNIGHT IN. project. Through this project the agency has the possibility to acquire its maximum reach.

MIDNIGHT IN. has the objective to create an artistic network for electronic music in order to develop itinerant events, all this by taking advantage of 15 years of knowledge and experience in event setting, and of the musical and visual qualities of each of its partners.

This network is a unique platform designed for sharing and exchanging experiences.After only nine months of activity, the MIDNIGHT IN. parties have already been rewarded by great success in major European cities such as Berlin, Rome, Turin, Toulouse, Marseille or Florence.

Having the goal to bring forward musical and visual quality, the MIDNIGHT IN. events are exclusively conceived in cooperation with the finest booking agencies and with the latest accessible technologies in the field of stage-setting.

This gives the coordinators the possibility to uniquely personalize each event and venue, with the creation of one-of-a-kind structures completed by projections, illustrations and 3D rendering.

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